Re-Imagining Process Automation: Ascon Systems’ Brand Refresh

At Serious Business, we were tasked with a unique challenge: to refresh Ascon Systems’ brand in a way that not only established a sense of maturity and trust but also conveyed the unique and disruptive nature of their technology. Our approach was to re-imagine their brand, from strategy, to concept, to visual identity and clearly communicate the value of Ascon’s digital twin technology to industrial customers and potential talent.

The redesigned logo and website now articulate a refreshed brand that marries tradition with innovation. The result is an empowering and inspirational visual identity and website that elegantly communicate the benefits of making process automation accessible to everyone, resonating with a broad spectrum of potential customers and effectively positioning Ascon as a pioneer in the industrial metaverse.

Brand Refresh Ascon Systems Case Study

In order for the rebranding to establish itself smoothly both internally and externally, we stayed true to the Main Brand Concept: “No Codes. No Limits”. The creative concept is based on turning a complex world into something that is easy to use and accessible for everyone. Our design strategy involved simplifying complex ideas into clean, impactful visuals with smooth, modular, and ever-changing design that represents the idea of automating complex processes with ease; as well as messaging that resonates with and excites their audience.

This project was selected by Design Rush in their Website Design Awards selection to be featured among Best Website Design 2024, highlighting its harmonic and welcoming appearance to both brand and product.

Explore the detailed journey of this brand refresh through our case study at Serious Business, where we delve into the specifics of creating a brand that truly represents the pioneering spirit of Ascon Systems.

Project details:

Client: Ascon System
Location: Stuttgart – Germany
Strategy Lead: Sebastian Degenhart
Project Manager: Tijana Ostojic
Creative Director: Amadeus Estifanos
UX Designer: Bruno Vaz
Designers: João Ferreira, Caio Rossatto, Huy Phan
3D Designer: Dimitri Paiva and Diego Loz
Sound Designer: Mika Novo
Developer: Kacper Gałka
Motion Designers: Matheus Didier and Murilo Felipe
Copywriters: Paula Espinoza, Marco Rinke and Dieu Thanh Hoang
Photographer: Martin Pötter