6 Principles to Consider When Working with Design

As a new business, it’s easy to get lost in your own process, and sometimes we had to learn the hard way. While defining a process, methodology and values are a great start, establishing these in the real-world needs focus, reflection, and hard work. What helped us on the way to creating valuable design projects for our clients was to establish 6 easy principles. Being serious about these principles has been of great help in guiding us through any project. So next time you’re going into a design process consider the following 6 principles.

1. Diversity of perspectives

As a multidisciplinary and multinational design team, we believe that a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds can contribute to a bigger and clearer picture of the world that goes beyond the sum of its parts. Never stop challenging the status quo with the highest intention of creating real value for your clients.

2. Digital first

Today’s brands exist in digital environments. Growing up with digital as our second language, embracing this world in our eyes requires adaptability and the main focus on digital solutions to enhance customer interactions. Using the digital world as a starting point means understanding the flexible environment and context in which you’re designing.

3. Collaborate with your client

We believe in the power of good and personal relationships with our clients. Close collaboration has made our projects not only more fulfilling and successful for both sides but it has created lasting relationships with the people we have been fortunate to work with. The next project gives it a shot and does what it takes to spend as much time collaborating with your client as you can.

4. Learn Fast

The fastest road to success is to learn quickly. We believe in progress over perfection and the magic key down this road is prototyping. To learn fast start building rapid digital prototypes early in your process, test your hypothesis and iterate to improve within a matter of days.

5. Human-centered

The world is a jungle of opportunity. Always put the human in the center of a design project to provide a meaningful and consistent experience across the digital and physical landscape for your customers. This means listening to your users and designing specifically for the needs and with feedback of those that actually experience your product.

6. Methodology

We constantly develop new tools and methodologies to improve the collaboration with our clients as well as our process. While an established process is of great value, methods and tools have to be flexible to address the multitude of challenges that exist. We always strive for being agile and adaptable when creating solutions for our clients which also means creating new methods and tools when needed. Every project is different. See it as an enjoyable challenge.