5 Cool and Creative Ways to Reduce and Recycle Plastic

Hey — reduce yo plastic!

Plastic stuff first became popular in our society only half a century ago. It is striking to see how much damage one material has made on the planet in such a short time span. In 2018 global production amounted to 359 million metric tons. Here are a few ways to take action.

  1. Buy clothing made from recycled plastic bottles.

More and more companies are now making a profit using recycled plastic in their garments. Patagonia has been the leader in taking action towards planet compassion for years. Using recycled plastic in their garments is just one of many. Other brands to follow are; Batoko, they say “we’re literally rubbish” making beautiful and super fun swimwear made from 100% recycled ocean plastic waste. Girlfriend Collective is “cleaning up the ocean one workout at a time” making workout clothing using plastic waste and ethical production. Last but not least is this crazy cool clothing brand EcoAlf from Spain. They say #becausethereisnoplanetb. It was founded on the principles of making a fully sustainable fashion label. Their team manages the full process from waste collection to recycling technologies, manufacture, design, and retail.

2. Plastic-free shopping

Never go to the grocery store without bringing your own shopping bag. Just make it a rule! Investing in a reusable shopping bag that you can easily carry on and bring along when you do your grocery shopping. We think one of the most important things about this is having a bag that you are proud of carrying. Our favorite is the Turtle Bag. Besides its beautiful classic design, the material is super flexible and durable. You can fit A LOT into this one!

3. Drink more water — from a cool water bottle!

Drinking a lot of water is key to longevity. Still, a large percentage of the population is chronically dehydrated completely unaware. By drinking more water you not only take better care of yourself but you might also reduce the need for buying coffees, teas, or sodas from cafes.

What we recommend is to invest in a water bottle that makes it easier and more cool for you to drink water from. A few bottles that we love are SIGG, CamelBak eddy, and Klean Kanteen. What is also a life hack is to buy two, one for your home and another one for your workplace. So — drink up!

4. Buy plastic-free toilet paper online

For decades it has been impossible to buy toilet paper that is not wrapped in plastic packaging. It’s also often hard to find those little organic plastic free boutique stores in your city that offer toilet paper without any packaging.

However — now there is a super cool solution for this little problem. It’s called Who gives a crap! From them, you can easily order WC-paper in bulks and get it delivered to your door. Plastic and hassle-free! They also deserve some kudos for great branding 😉

5. Invest in your very own Juicer and blender

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a classic way to reduce plastic usage, but often not common sense for everyone. To make consuming vegetables more fun, invest in a good quality juicer and blender. It is going to change the course of everything. Making your own juices, soups and smoothies is not only less plastic waste but also so much fresher and healthier for you!

There you go — keep being cool and reduce yo plastic! 😉